The Job

Lying in bed after a long hard day in the squalor of some company’s human resource offices,

I cannot but feel the depression threatening to engulf the abyss that is my brain.

These thoughts seek to turn my best prized possession into the tool of my mind.

I never thought just being another statistic would hurt this bad,

the parameters that define the quality of life be this harsh,

nor the variables that dictate our destiny this unpredictable.

I for one thought my life a stochastic model, all assumptions intact, the null hypothesis set..

in retrospect..i should have realized the beauty of life lay in unpredictability of its dynamism.


Life should be, love, sleep and work hard for these are the maxims that enshrine existence.

I therefore wonder at the complicated mess we have wrought on humanity ourselves..unemployment, poverty, violence, Boko Haram.

these things make for wretched tear soaked nights for contemplation would be too much a neural load.

We wake up as zombies with feigned immunity to the plight of beggar in the street, the farmer in this unpredictable  dry season or the urchin asking for a bite of the national plunder.

We are so wrapped up in our vanity that all we do surmount to be profanity in our excesses and abscesses.


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