Off of her Back

I wonder when you chose to christen yourself ‘stripper’.

The moment you sought out the young lass dressed or under-dressed, whatever the difference is, and pawed the few fibers of gabardine off her back, you became as such the embodiment of immorality under the same scale you used to deem yourself righteous enough to scar another human. For being moral is not about being righteous, but being human.

The definition of humanity is beholden to the control of our primal nature. Whatever the slur on one’s sensibilities, the path of least resistance is the better option to follow. In the end Murphy’s Law would come into play, so why make it so much harder by being the antagonist. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I watched the video for less than a minute, trust me, the damsel in distress therein will not be feeling apprehensive for less than a minute. The disfigured and tortured soul, oi, look too hard, look twice, say hi and she will think that she knows that you know that it be her under whatever disguise of choice she has on.

Someone once told me there is a difference between a person and an individual. It is a keen eye and an ardent muzzle that can discern between the two. In being your own person, dictate on what and who defines you and then let the individual shine. The individual is the person that nobody but ever sees. Back to the agenda herein and what I would like to ask the rascals engaged in the aforementioned debauchery, were you personally and individually pleased with yourself?



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