The new Six-pack

The gym is no longer bustling with activity, for the new six-pack lies not the along the lines of the abdominal muscles, rather far much lower, a little bit to the left….. There you have it, the wallet is the new hexa- reference point, that is, the honey wherein the bees swarm. The number of zeros preceded by a more worthwhile integer in your account should rather spiral not unlike the Fibonacci sequence or one is doomed. Whence once the pot was distasteful (pun intended), it can now call the much hungrier, financially less-blessed kettle black with little qualms.

I can be forgiven for such an unusual analogy as a result of my few visits to the gym where to my detriment; my single pack did not undergo a mysterious case of meiosis to the desired multiple of three, but rather ‘slightly’ ballooned. You would not believe the ravenous appetite that comes with the exertions designed by fellow man to twist the human body into steel turrets of choice. It is with this in mind that I decry the lack of empathy for the physical hard-worker that can only manage to lift you to great heights, literally, and not in the abstract connotation always alluded to.

Oh, and there is always the other six pack that we all unilaterally love. Cold, frothing and refreshing, but that is a yarn for another day.

Woe ye of little faith.


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